About Us

Sunworld Energy is a division of JBR Collective Trade International, Inc. which has been in the business since 1977. We imported equipments such as printing machines, medical equipment and generators , which we have supplied and installed at big companies and hospitals.

As early as 1988, we already have studied and sourced  internationally solar power system, but unfortunately it was not affordable as we hoped it to be.

Today, in our pursuit to address the needs of every Filipino for more and better energy source, we are now supplying solar power system that is suitable for any kinds of budget. Due to better technology and mass production, the prices have gone down remarkably .

Our focus is to provide solutions at affordable prices to fight the ever-increasing cost of electric and to provide power in case of " brown - out".

Being in the business for 38 years, we know the value of "warranty " and  "after-sales service". We have steadfastly stood by our commitment which made us last for more than a quarter of a century.